kipufogorendszer talalat a AUDI 100 01/88-12/90 tipushoz. Valassza ki az alabbiakban lathato alkatreszlistan az On altal keresett kipufogot vagy kipufogoalkatreszt a AUDI 100 01/88-12/90 tipushoz.

Catalogue number: AU022150

Make Model Type Construction year Engine capacity Engine capacity and power Motor/Fuel Gearbox
AUDI 100 Avant, Sedan 01/88-12/90 2.3 2308 cc, 100 KW Man.


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We offer a thermoset paste for sealing the places where pipes are connected.

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List of elements in the exhaust system

Number Description

A kipufogorendszer elemei a AUDI 100 tipushoz, megvasarolhato a kizarolagos magyarorszagi forgalmazonal: East-Car 13 Kft.

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